About Sitemax

Sitemax offers Coverage-as-a-Service for mobile operators, public safety, FM radio, and radio-based broadband in challenging areas where coverage needs improvement or where traditional radio infrastructure is not economically justified.

To provide this coverage, Sitemax establishes and operates next-generation wireless network infrastructure, delivering the highest capacity, coverage, and cost-effectiveness through shared technologies including radio, advanced antenna systems, transmission, power supply, and maintenance services.

Self-sustainable power supply in our radio sites based on solar, wind, and fuel cells is often essential to cope with even the most extreme environments lacking electricity grids and roads, but also for enhancing network resilience.

Sitemax networks and services are tailored to meet the needs of all mobile operators, various technologies, and diverse user requirements. With next-generation radio infrastructure, we aim to become an attractive coverage partner for various service providers and industrial users.

Sitemax is a member of Nätägarna Sverige, allowing other members to utilize Sitemax services.